Paprika (dingo) wrote in cleveland_high,

bye. <3

Bye, Cleveland.

Today I hugged Mr. Lemmon goodbye and it made me so sad I almost cried. I felt like, right then, part of me died. Really. I don't know.

The same thing happened yesterday with Ms. Atkin. Mr. Coleman, for once in his life (haha), seemed actually concerned (double haha). For a minute, at least. He hugged me-- initiated it, even. Which shocked the hell out of me. :)

The rest of the CORE teachers, I love. And miss, already. I promised myself I'd stop by, and I really will. Sigh.

As for the community, I'll be leaving, since I no longer attend. I will catch up sometimes.

Signing out,
Sarah G. <3

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You can always stay at the community. I havent attended Cleveland for FOUR years, and i still miss the core teachers especially Ms. Atkin.


February 8 2005, 08:39:57 UTC 12 years ago

I'll miss you ... but at the same time its like really hard for me to believe that is it maybe cuz like your quitting cleveland's CORE? if it is its just really not worth changing schools ....
Cuz I see this the majority of the time people just leave Cleveland because of the constant pressure they're put under CORE and it like crushes me because .... I dunno. its just that it hurts me because I struggle too but I'm not leaving I'm trying to put some effort into it.
And then like people also switch because they want to get the satisfied idea that they're not going to be in the residential school and they're also changing schools for ANOTHER MAGNET PROGRAM that will satisfy them that ITS like ALMOST THE SAME as Cleveland's CORE.

I dunno .... but goodluck and dont forget of even the smallest people you made friends with ....