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the gangs of chs

well, i wish i hadn't sold my ipod off to david's friend. my brother's locker was brocken into today during p.e. and the culprit stole his money (not much) and his ipod.
he has a general idea of who would have done it.
apparently there are two gangs, with a third on the rise, that have formed at the land. in my brother's p.e. period, the entire lockerroom save precious few either belong to the two gangs, "dmk" or "mfk" or have taken sides out of fear, for a ready answer in the event they are asked by a member.
these gangs have tagged all over the lockerroom, and all-out brawls occur almost regularly. needless to say i'm more than a little scared for my brother and the situation of the land. who knows when someone will turn up with a gun? i'm very alarmed. if any of this sort of thing went on in my days at chs, i never caught wind of it. sure there were always trouble makers and the lockerrooms were always filled with the generic low-class riff raff, because generally, most any kid with brains and class tended to join a team sport. except me, because i'm terrible at team sports. i told david to suck it up and succumb to a schedule change for the sake of getting out of p.e. i told him he'd better either sign up for a team or do hockey at the rink after school. what i don't understand is why measures aren't being taken to actually stop this problem? as usual, the faculty is going about doing something about it, without really doing anything. if i were a parent i'd be working on a parent alliance this minute, to make a real stink with mr. weiner (btw it's not "wy-ner" it's "wee-ner", he just changed the pronunciation to avoid crude jokes. i guarantee it). they can easily crack down on schoolyard fights and lockerroom fights, developing a policy which would allow them to expell offenders much quicker than normal, and same with suspension. thusly they could much sooner discover the members of the gangs and their previous schools, being careful to accept students from those schools in the future. i'm posting this on the chs group as well as my lj, just on the off-chance that someone might be willing to help solve this problem. of course i'll feel dumb if chs always has had this problem and i was too naiive to see it. but whatever. i'm alarmed and worried, sue me.
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